The Stories of Resilience


Philip Pochailo

Philip was assigned to the 166 Squadron of No.1 Bomber Command and, in 1944, his aircraft was shot down over the Netherlands. Dutch families around the Oostvoorne area hid Philip in their homes as Nazis searched for prisoners.


Mona Parsons

An actress, nurse, and member of the Dutch Resistance, Mona sheltered downed Allied airmen in her home. She was imprisoned by the Nazis and became one of the first and only women to be tried by a Nazi tribunal in Holland. Mona was sentenced to death but escaped.


Charles Byce

Charles is one of Canada’s most distinguished Indigenous soldiers of the Second World War. The son of a First World War hero and a woman of the Cree First Nations, Charles earned a Military Medal (MM) in January 1945 and a Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) in March 1945.