The Dutch have never forgotten. Each year, they celebrate their liberation and welcome back Canadian soldiers who are treated like heroes.

The 50th anniversary, in 1995, was a particularly memorable moment. At the main event on 7 May, over 1,000 Canadian veterans paraded in Apeldoorn through a cheering crowd estimated at over 150,000 people. It was a moment no one who was there will ever forget.The Dutch memory of their liberation remains strong. They remain grateful to Canada for the freedom they continue to enjoy today. One hopes this will not change in the future, given that time heals and memories can dim.

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“Children wait to lay their flowers at the Bergen-op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery.” 2019. Photo: Doris Williams.
Commemorative Medal presented to veterans at the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands in 1995. Located in the collection of the Canadian War Museum, 20010290-007. 
“Young Dutch children wave Canadian flags as they reach out to touch the hand of a Second World War veteran as he takes part in a parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Holland in Wageningen, Netherlands.” 2015. Photo: Sean Kilpatrick. Courtesy of the Canadian Press.