“VEDay75 – Normandy to Netherlands”

Canada’s Finest Hour

“VEDay” was a ‘defining moment’ in Canadian history.

The 11 months leading up to May 8th 1945 might also have been ‘Canada’s Finest Hour’.

Following ‘D-Day’, the Allied Forces fought across Western Europe in some of the most intense battles of the Second World War. Facing bitter opposition from the Nazi Wehrmacht, the Canadians led the fight to the ‘NorthWest’ along a front that would see them liberate ports along the English Channel of France, Belgium and ultimately the Netherlands by early 1945.

While American and British forces engaged in battles made famous over the last 75 years – Operation Market Garden, the Battle of the Bulge, the ‘Dambusters’ – the stories of Canadians have received less renown.

…that is until now.

“VEDay75 – Normandy to Netherlands” is a commemoration of the intrepid Canadian Forces who liberated the Netherlands on May 8th 1945 and the determined battles they fought en route to Victory.

Celebrated through the stories of soldiers, sailors, airmen and resistance fighters, VEDay75 intends to share ‘Canada’s Finest Hour’ for a 21st century audience, inviting YOU to:

  • explore our digital Story Maps telling the Stories of 3 Canadians from Canada’s Finest Hour
  • learn about Canada’s NorthWest Campaign from June 1944 – May 1945
  • add your own research to the Stories of our 6 iconic Canadian Veterans
  • contribute your own stories to our “Tell Us Your Stories” platform
  • design your own commemoration projects from your home communities across Canada

Teaching About VEDay75

To Defining Moments Canada, teaching about VEDay in 2020 is more important than ever! We know that teachers will come to the stories from June 1944 – May 1945 from multiple entry points and experiences with their students, and what inspires US is what we hope will inspire YOU and YOUR CLASS as well.

  • Learn the historical context for Canadian Operations in western Europe following D-Day
  • Inquire more deeply into the history through our Thematic Modules curated by Dr Mike Bechthold
  • Explore our Lesson plans for Teachers of students ages 12-18
  • Discover how to commemorate Veteran Stories using digital story mapping technology in your class
  • Participate in ‘VEDay75″ and have your students conduct research for us to create content for 6 Story Maps telling the experiences of iconic Canadian Veterans, as curated by Project44.ca
  • Share your Commemorative Projects with us using the ‘Get Involved’ portal

Please keep checking back for news about VEDay75 – full content coming soon in March 2020!