In this section, you’ll find several short theme papers on various aspects of the Pandemic written by a range of renowned academic experts. These unique themes were created to encourage and inspire registrants in exploring intriguing perspectives in their commemorative Spanish Flu Pandemic projects.

A Pandemics Primer

We have updated our original Spanish Flu 101 article to reflect on the current global pandemic.

Webpage: A pandemics primer: Infectious disease outbreaks, from the Plague to COVID19

Peacetime Killer

How the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic felled nearly as many Canadians as the First World War.  (John Lorinc)

Webpage: Read the article, originally published in Canada’s History Magazine, here. (Published here on March 28, 2020)

The Hunt for Microbes

Webpage: Making sense of the Micro-biology.

Location, Location, Location

Webpage: How geography could determine who died in 1918-1920.