In this section, you’ll find several short theme papers on various aspects of the Pandemic written by a range of renowned academic experts. These unique themes were created to encourage and inspire registrants in exploring intriguing perspectives in their commemorative Spanish Flu Pandemic projects.

Spanish Flu 101

Everything you wanted to know about the Spanish Flu Pandemic but were afraid to ask.

Excavating the Spanish Flu 

Learn how one would recover a body carrying the Spanish Flu virus from permafrost.

From Bad to Worse

A hundred years ago, 1918 finally saw the War come to an end just as a terrifying new enemy – the Spanish Flu – was taking catastrophic shape.

The Hunt for Microbes

Making sense of the Micro-biology.

Location, Location, Location

How geography could determine who died in 1918-1920.

The Plague Sweeps Canada

Canada experienced the horrors of the Spanish flu through periods of frustration, devastation, and the odd sprinkling of hope.


Nikkei Survivor

How one Japanese Canadian experienced and survived the Spanish Flu Pandemic in Vancouver.

Regina’s Darkest Days

The Spanish Influenza may not have arrived in Regina until October 1918, but the seeds of the epidemic were planted much earlier.

First Peoples Struggling to Survive
A story about First Nations, influenza, and the work of the government.
Soldiers Struck Down

Whether training on the Homefront or in the trenches, WWI provided the right conditions for the Pandemic among the Canadian Forces.

In the Prime of Life

Why did the Spanish Flu kill so many young men and women in full health?

The Last 100 Days

To what extent did Influenza influence the fighting for the Canadians at the Front in the last 100 days of the War?

No Room at the Inn

The challenges faced by new Canadians to bury their dead in a Winnipeg that objected to their traditions.

Enemy Aliens

New Canadians endure life in the Pandemic as enemy aliens on Canada’s Homefront.

Burn Their Names in Bronze

In October 1918, about 20 doctors died of the Flu in Québec while caring for the sick. Do you know these fallen heroes?

Pandemics by the Numbers

Mathematics can provide some answers to understand how Pandemics spread, but all the rest in uncertain.