In this section, you’ll find several short histories about the Spanish Flu Pandemic written by a wide range of academic experts on the history of the Flu. These unique short studies were created for registrants to download and use as reference material for their work on commemorative projects.

Strathcona & The Chinese

Vancouver’s most affected locale during the Spanish Flu Pandemic years: the Chinese Community of Strathcona.

Fighting the Flu

How average Canadians fought the Flu with scientific and traditional remedies.

Survival & Resilience

The life of “Kirkina” Mucko, an Inuit woman from Labrador who survived the loss of her husband and six children during the Pandemic.

Blanche-Olive Lavallée

The story of a remarkable Canadian army nursing sister and her remarkable efforts during the Flu Pandemic.

Pandemic Panoply

A Panoply of Short Pandemic Stories from Across Canada.

Flu Takes a Toll

The daily journals of Ferdinand Verret and Charlesbourg during the Pandemic.


Amelia Earhart in Toronto

Amelia Earhart’s short stay in Toronto volunteering as a nurse’s aide at the Spadina Military Hospital in 1918-1919.

Grande Prairie Pandemic

How an isolated Alberta town grappled with the voracious Flu Pandemic that tested its population and resources.