Lesson Series: Lester B. Pearson—Canada’s original influencer?

By: Leah Judd

Leah Judd

Education Collaborator

Leah Judd has a passion for teaching Social Studies.  Working in Sechelt, BC, Leah has been lucky to work with students who embrace inquiry learning and created locker museum displays during the pandemic to share their curated stories with the school community.  Leah shares her enthusiasm for Social Studies as editor of Salon, an online quarterly publication from the Social Studies Educators Network of Canada @ssencressc

This lesson series is intended for use in Grade 10-12 classrooms, but can be adapted for younger grades by the teacher.

Enduring Understandings (as inspired by the British Columbia Social Studies Curriculum):

Essential Question: What influence can a citizen have on their community, their nation or even as a member of the international community?

Learning Outcomes:  Using research skills to communicate and summarize the influence of the career of Lester B. Pearson, students will engage in historical thinking skills (especially determining historical significance) to decide on the lasting significance of Lester B. Pearson as an “influencer” in Canadian human rights and social justice contexts.

Lesson Plans