Our Partners

Defining Moments Canada is proud to collaborate with many partners across Canada and around the world. Our partners bring enormous value to our projects, with a wealth of knowledge, tools and research – we are blessed to have their talented team-members join us in ‘telling untold stories, from voices too often unheard!’

Our Financial Sponsors
Funded by the Government of Canada
Veterans Affairs Canada
Canadian Heritage

University of Toronto
Sanofi Pasteur
National Research Council of Canada
Novo Nordisk
Our Collaboration Partners
McMaster Children & Youth University
Juno Beach Centre
Ingenium: Canada's Museum of Science and Innovation
Archives of Ontario
Education First
The Canadian Research and Mapping Association
The Critical Thinking Consortium
Canada's History Society
Banting House, Birthplace of Insulin
Canadian Nurses Association
Western University
The Royal Canadian Military Institute
Museum of Health Care at Kingston
Library and Archives Canada
Private Patrons

Alan Lossing