Call For Contributors – NobelCanadian

February 15, 2022

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Project Description: 

Defining Moments Canada, a digital heritage education platform, is seeking external consultants, experts, scholars, and writers to contribute insightful, project-relevant articles and/or strategic educational development to our website – in this case, for the purposes of the NobelCanadian commemorative project.

Following our commemoration of Dr. Gerhard Herzberg’s 1971 Nobel Prize win in Physics for his contributions to the study of spectroscopy, Defining Moments Canada will be showcasing Canada’s other Nobel stories. NobelCanadian explores laureates and prizes which are connected to Canada through birth, scholarship, place of work, or other factors. These notable figures in science, literature, and politics have had major impacts on society, but often their stories – and the historical context surrounding their work – is unfamiliar to many Canadians. 

A core goal of the project is to profile a curated list of Nobel Laureates and, although content creation has already begun, there are still Laureates and topics in need of exploration. Those who need to be profiled are listed below. In addition, we are also seeking to feature pieces which add nuance to this historical conversation: themes of under-representation in science, questions of Nobel nationalism, discussions about the significance of international achievements like the Nobel, and resources which adapt these historical works for the Canadian classroom.

Individuals in Need of Content: 

Defining Moments Canada will accept proposals from writers of all disciplines for submissions related to the topics and individuals stated below, and also welcomes submissions for peripheral themes at our discretion. 

Format, Tone, and Length: 

Please see attached submission guidelines for details. 


The content for the project will be published throughout 2022. For more information on writing and revision timelines, please see attached submission guidelines


Compensation will be provided for all accepted submissions. Individual terms will be agreed upon by all parties conditional on submission details. For more information, please contact

Please express interest by reaching out with a brief proposal to Executive Director, Jenifer Terry, by email: We are very willing to speak further about the project with you and encourage all interested parties to contact us. Questions and inquiries will be responded to as quickly as possible.

We are grateful to the history and science communities across Canada for their suggestions and support in developing this collection of stories. 

Defining Moments Canada  is a not-for-profit organization that has worked with experts and institutions in Canada and beyond to mark milestone moments in our shared histories through digital and physical storytelling infrastructures and innovative pedagogical approaches.