Defining Moments Canada’s new project takes a microhistorical approach to commemorate the end of the Korean War

July 27, 2023

Toronto nonprofit, Defining Moments Canada (DMC) is launching a new project that will resonate with the diversity of Canada’s population. 

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA,  — Digital heritage organization, DMC, has announced the launch of their latest project, In Defence of Hopes Profound: Canada & The Korean War, which aims to bring lesser known stories of Korean War veterans into classrooms for young learners in kindergarten through to grade 12. 

July 2023 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. This year, DMC has set out to commemorate this moment in history by featuring stories of individuals that are typically underrepresented, silenced, or otherwise untold as part of larger historical narratives. Hopes Profound explores the lived experiences of  Women, Indigenous, Racialized, and 2SLGBTQIA+ Veterans, who demonstrated courage and strength throughout Canada’s participation in the Korean War, just as they have during all of Canada’s military efforts. These stories include that of Flying Officer Joan Fitzgerald, Gunner Clifford George of the Canadian Army 4th Regiment (Canadian Horse Artillery), Clarence “Gus” Este of the Canadian Postal Corps, and Herbert Sutcliffe of the Canadian Intelligence Corps. Their experiences come together to tell a larger story of the fight for social justice and equality in Canada against forces of prejudice, discrimination, and marginalization. 

Through In Defence of Hopes Profound, DMC aims to inspire and engage with a diverse group of Canadian students, teachers, researchers, and heritage professionals. With this goal in mind, they will be developing a variety of content and teaching materials that will be free to use for anyone interested in learning more. Included in the scope of this project will be the following: 

Defining Moments Canada (DMC) is a Canadian heritage organization dedicated to exploring moments throughout our shared histories by engaging with the lesser-known, often-excluded, and dynamic stories that impart significance and influence. Defining Moments Canada will lead the national digital commemoration of Canada’s participation in the Korean War in partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada.