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Battle of Normandy

In the Battle of Normandy, you will hear the stories of those who landed after D-Day to help with the advance into France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany by 1945.

Historical Articles


In D-Day, you can learn firsthand about the experience of D-Day itself, from the beaches to the sea and sky. Taken together, these interviews highlight the joint efforts of the Canadian Army, Navy, Air Force, and Airborne divisions.

Historical Articles

Serve, Supply, Support

In Serve, Supply, and Support, learn more about those men and women whose contributions elsewhere in Europe and back in Canada were essential to the success of the Canadian, and Allied, war effort.

Historical Articles

D-Day Dodgers

Gilday’s FSSF entered Rome on 4 June. They fought German rearguards and captured six bridges intact. Declared secure the next day, Rome’s capture was quickly overshadowed by the landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944. The soldiers in Italy became known as the D-Day Dodgers.

Historical Articles

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