Juno Stories Partner Content

For more content on Juno75, more historical articles and more stories of veterans, check out these ressources from our Juno75 parters.

Juno Beach Centre

The Juno Beach Centre website is full of content to help bring Juno75 to your classroom. Their Events page is full of articles discussing a variety of events of the Second World War, from before the start of the war to VEDay. The Roads to Victory page in particular covers the period of the 1944 allied landing in Normandy.

Their People page has stories from veterans and others who had multiple roles throughout the war, in Canada and Europe.

Their Vimy to Juno Virtual Exhibit is full of content about the First and Second World War, including stories and artifacts.

Testaments of Honour

The Testaments of Honour website features videos and stories also featured on the Defining Moments Website in this Juno75 project.