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Welcome to Stories from Juno, featuring interviews with 21 individuals who lived through World War II and who experienced, directly or indirectly, the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy. Here, you will hear from those who were there on Juno Beach, those who followed in the battle to liberate Normandy and Western Europe, and those who supported their efforts both overseas and in Canada.

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Story Maps

Storymap: Serve, Supply, Support

In Serve, Supply, and Support, learn more about those men and women whose contributions elsewhere in Europe and back in Canada were essential to the success of the Canadian, and Allied, war effort.

Education Resources

Bringing the commemoration plan to life

This lesson encourages students to consider how they can best leverage digital resources to create a highly effective commemoration.

Education Resources

Tell me a little bit more…with less

This lesson provides an (optional) opportunity to take students into greater depth as they learn to do more nuanced analysis of the evidence they have gathered.

Education Resources

Getting to know a Juno Beach Contributor

This lesson, with multiple entry points as described above, helps students to select the individual for whom they will develop a commemoration and to begin the process of gathering information about their life and contributions.

Education Resources

Commemorating Contributions and Sacrifices

This lesson introduces students to the concept of commemorations and begins their thinking about what makes an effective and meaningful commemoration.