Insulin100 Video Profiles

What is the lasting legacy of insulin?

In 1921, the Toronto Team lead by Dr. Frederick Banting discovered and purified insulin, forever changing the lives of people living with diabetes. This was lifesaving for many children in the 1920s (see this article about early patients of insulin) but continues to affect people today.

Defining Moments Canada has created a series of videos to profile the lives of people living with diabetes today. Each story is unique and shows the importance of insulin to them, allowing them to live a nearly “normal” life and to be healthy. Each story highlights unique difficulties that on faces in their journey with diabetes, and the limits of insulin as a solution.

These videos are meant to be a look into the life and experience of someone living with insulin, and a learning resource to understand their journey. Defining Moments Canada is creating accompanying questions and teacher prompts to go with the videos, to help educators bring these resources to their classrooms.