Women in STEM: Diabetes Research and Beyond

By: Baneen Haideri

Baneen Haideri

Contributing Historian/Student Researcher

Baneen Haideri is a student of the Public History program at York University, focusing on the history of science, and is a budding science curator. With her Biology background, she realizes the value of rich and unchartered history of science, and is on a mission to bring to the forefront, science stories from different cultures. She is most proud of her community work with children, and aspires to bring the knowledge of science with historical lens to her community in creative ways. She is especially proud of her research for the Insulin100 project which highlighted the stories of notable Canadian women in science research and development.

Discover the awe-inspiring stories of Canadian women who broke barriers and accomplished some of the world’s greatest medical achievements. Here you can learn about the women who played a vital role in the development of insulin, and others who had a monumental impact in developing the Polio vaccine, detecting cancers and hepatitis, and discoveries in botany.

In the Story of the Development of Insulin

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