Life and Times of Sir Frederick Banting Podcast

Sir Frederick Grant Banting is celebrated throughout the world as the co-discoverer of insulin. This lifesaving drug allows millions of diabetics to have lives that would otherwise be hopelessly inhibited and cut short by this insidious wasting disease.

Relatives of Fred Banting are recording podcasts called the Life and Times of Sir Frederick Banting. These focus on Fred’s relationship with his family, hometown, character, war service, the discovery of insulin, his love of art and much more.

The objective of these podcasts is to chronicle Banting’s whole life as observed by his relatives who resided close to Banting’s birthplace farm. The podcasts contain details passed on by family members who called him Uncle Fred.  While there is much of Fred Banting’s life recorded in books, scholarly papers, movies and the Internet, these podcasts focus on little known stories about Fred and those closely connected to him when his idea resulted in the discovery of insulin.

The podcasts are authored mainly by three people.  Bob Banting, who calls Fred his great uncle, along with his two sons Jim and Alan.  Jim is the main host for these new podcasts. 

Defining Moments Canada is featuring a selection of these podcasts as part of the 100th year celebration of the discovery of insulin in 1921. To listen to the entire collection of episodes, head to Jim and Bob’s Libsyn page here.

Fred’s legacy can undoubtedly be measured through many impressive memorials established over time to honour his achievement, but the true value of his contribution is best measured through the millions of lives that continue to be saved by his discovery of insulin.