Individuals and communities across Canada and the world were impacted in diverse ways by the discovery of insulin. Many Canadians have worked to advance insulin research and diabetes treatment as well. Explore their stories here. 

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The Lasting Legacy of Insulin

Dr. Christopher J. Rutty, the Lead Historian for our Insulin100 project, has written new educational and historic articles pertaining to the legacy of the discovery of insulin and the institutions that supported this discovery.

University of Toronto

Insulin Research & Innovation Legacies: Institution Building

The discovery of insulin was a transformative event on many levels, starting with its impact on the lives of millions of diabetics around the world. In Canada, more than any other country, the discovery of insulin was transformational in its influence on the creation of new medical research institutions and infrastructures; the rapid development of…

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History of the History of the Discovery of Insulin

There are a number of elements that make the discovery of insulin an especially compelling story for historians, as well as journalists, scientists, filmmakers and physicians. There was the unlikely figure of the country doctor-surgeon with a novel idea, who then somehow convinced a skeptical university professor to give him a chance to pursue it.…

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