The UQAR Project is a unique initiative of Defining Moments of Canada. We have partnered with the University of Québec at Rimouski (UQAR) to undertake an archeological investigation of a remote lumberjack camp in rural Matapédia (in the Gaspé). This is a camp where 9 lumberjacks – effectively the entire camp – died of the Pandemic in 1918.

These are 5 short videos shot on location in June 2018, and provide an overview of some of the project activities. Additional media reports and interviews can be accessed via the links that follow the videos. In Vidéo 4, Project Directors Nicolas Beaudry and Manon Savard invited the local population to a day at the site (the invitation was published in the local press and radio). There was an impressive turnout considering that the site is very remote and isolated in the forest, and is only accessible by ATV.

Vidéo 1 – 2:00

Vidéo 2 – 1:10

Vidéo 3 – 1:53

Vidéo 4 – 3:05

Vidéo 5 – 3:25

Additional media reports on the UQAR Project can be found on the Media Resources page.

Survivors of the Pandemic

These (edited) video interviews [en français] were recorded in the Gaspé region in L’Anse-au-Griffon, Gaspésie (Québec), between 1974-1975, with survivors of the Pandemic. The interviewer is Claude Allard. (Avec l’aimable autorisation du Musée de la Gaspésie, Gaspé, Québec, Canada.)

Sébastien Malouin
Sébastien Malouin et Valentine Boulet. Âgés de 36 et 23 ans au moment de la grippe espagnole de 1918. [Length: 11:06]
Blanche Bernard
Blanche Bernard (Mme Eddy Lescelleur). Âgée de 22 ans au moment de la grippe espagnole de 1918. [Length: 10:22]
Adème Cotton
Âgé de 29 ans au moment de la grippe espagnole de 1918. [Length: 4:47]

Video Showcase

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