Going Viral

In this new podcast series, Mark Honigsbaum and Hannah Mawdsley, the ‘Disease Detectives’ are on the trail of this deadly microbial killer: the 1918 Spanish Flu. Part scientific detective story, part historical inquiry, ‘Going Viral: The Mother of all Pandemics’ takes listeners to the scene of a viral crime and, in the process, recovers the experience of the most deadly pandemic in history.

Introduction: Going Viral
If the world were haunted by another devastating pandemic, how would we cope?

Episode 1: Bringing Up the Bodies
How bodies emerging from the past inspired the search for the secrets of the Spanish flu.
Mark and Hannah introduce the Spanish flu as a global disaster and an ‘overshadowed killer’.

Episode 2: Resurrecting the Killer
The incredible story of how a team of scientists brought the deadly Spanish flu virus back to life.

Episode 3: The Blue Death
The Disease Detectives investigate the theory that the Spanish flu originated in Etaples, Northern France in 1916. With Professor John Oxford; Glyn Prysor and Dr. Michael Worobey.

Episode 4: Some New Kind of Plague
The Disease Detectives investigate the theory that the Spanish flu originated in America and another theory that it first came from China: in both cases the flu was first identified as ‘plague’.

Episode 5: Global Impact: Local Traces
The Disease Detectives investigate the global ramifications of the Spanish flu pandemic and discover places far removed from the European theatre of war, where the Spanish flu has left its trace.

Episode 6: Remembering the Forgotten Pandemic
The Disease Detectives investigate Britain’s only memorial to the Spanish flu pandemic, which leads them to the diary of flu fighter Dr. Basil Hood – offering a rare insight into the experiences of the brave medics who served on the frontline of the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Episode 7: The Pandemic Fear Industry
The Disease Detectives investigate the persistent fear that another pandemic virus will emerge again to threaten humanity, in the way that the Spanish Flu did 100 years ago.

Episode 8: Pandemics Past and Present with Jeremy Farrar
The Disease Detectives talk pandemics, past and present, with Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust. How prepared are we for the next outbreak?

Music from the Gaspé

This unusual piece of music is a ‘comic’ folk song. ‘Complainte de la grippe Espagnole’, recently discovered but written during the time of the Pandemic in the Gaspé. One of many faces of this plague.