Recollections of Gerhard Herzberg

By Vincent Sabourin

Vincent is an emerging freelance videographer who has recently graduated from the Television-Broadcasting program at Algonquin College. Having previously worked as a tour guide for many years, his goal is to combine the storytelling aspects of both professions and tell honest and exciting stories in video form.

What is the legacy of Gerhard Herzberg? Why is he important to remember today?

In this video, former colleagues and friends speak of Herzberg as a man, as a teacher, as a scientist, and as a Nobel Laureate to answer these questions.

*At around 2:55, Dr. John Stone mentions Deuterium Cyanide, which should be abbreviated as DCN, and not DCM, which refers to very commonly used solvent; Dichloromethane.

Recollections of Herzberg – Colleague Submissions