Here you will find educational and historical resources that will help you explore Dr. Gerhard Herzberg as a person. You will learn about his background, his personal views, and the hobbies he kept while working towards his Nobel Prize in Chemistry and after he became a Nobel winner.

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Historical Articles

By Dimitry Zakharov, Lead Historian

Dimitry Zakharov is a PhD Candidate (ABD) in History at the University of Saskatchewan

Physics in Exile:
Nazism, Anti-Semitism, and the 1933 Scientific Exodus


Blog Posts

By Denisa Popa, Scholarly Associate

Denisa Popa is a PhD student at the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (IHPST) at the University of Toronto. 

Humanity, Humility and Humour:
Dr. Gerhard Herzberg’s Pursuit of Scientific Study & Progress


Educational Resources



Learn about Herzberg’s life story in an illustrated series designed by Matthew Barrett.

Find out about Herzberg’s interactions with students in this collection of letters and stories:

Stimulating Young Minds, Gerhard Herzberg Speaking to Students