Juno75: Above and Beyond commemorates ordinary Canadians who carried out extraordinary service in extraordinary times. Have you watched some of our interviews and want to know more? Has something you heard or read made you think of stories told by a neighbour or family member?

More than 110,000 Canadians participated in some way in the war effort. The Testaments of Honour Archive boasts an extensive collection of interviews with a wide variety of veterans, it’s true – but we only showcased 21 of those 500+ interviews here. We know there are many more stories to be told!

With these 21 veteran interviews we selected, we wanted to give students and Canadians as a whole a taste of what kind of diverse stories you could find if only you did a little digging. There may be hidden stories in your own backyard that deserve to be shared, and individuals that deserve to be commemorated!

We are especially interested in having our fellow Canadians fill in the gaps in the story we have just started piecing together here. Canada’s stories are many, and we want you to help us tell them. Whether you’re inspired by the role First Nations, Inuit, and Métis veterans played in the war effort, or the significant contributions by women on the home front and overseas, or small-town heroes, or those veterans who never came home – there is a story here for everyone. This historical moment is ours – help us to define it!

Educators, get started with our lesson plans, with our guide to creative and rich storytelling, or our resources to help you find local stories. Next, work with your students to create something! Help them tell the story they uncover in a way that speaks to them. We will be featuring the richest projects in our Showcase section come May 6th, 2019.

We can’t wait to see what you find!