Impact of Diabetes

Lesson critical inquiry question:

Does diabetes impact the lives of all people in an equitable way?

Lesson critical inquiry task:

Create a social media post using a platform of your choice to share the 3 most powerful actions that should be taken to equitably improve the health of people diagnosed with diabetes. 

Lesson Overview:

In this lesson students consider factors that impact the personal life circumstances of various people and how those factors complicate the effects of living with diabetes. They then read case studies of Canadians from the past and the present who have lived with diabetes and compare their life stories. Considering the evidence revealed by the stories, students determine the most important changes required to ensure equitable access to social and health supports that ensure the effects of living with diabetes are reduced as much as possible. Students use the evidence and insights they gather to construct a statement on the need for actions that help all those living with diabetes minimize its effects.