The Story of Insulin’s Discovery

Lesson critical inquiry question:

Which details are most important in re-telling the events leading to the discovery of insulin in order to highlight the key attributes of ground breaking scientists who make a positive difference for the future?

Lesson critical inquiry task:

Begin to design the story-board, using Defining Moments Canada’s Seven-Sentence Story Structure, for an inspiring story about the discovery of insulin and the search for a cure to diabetes.

Lesson overview 

In this lesson, students are introduced to the broader story of discovery of insulin through the careful examination of Insulin Discovery Cards, which contain sets of visual artifacts, and using the Defining Moments Canada Insulin100 virtual exhibit. Students work with a set of artifacts and a body of information to create one page/slide that tells of a particular aspect of the story of the discovery of insulin. To do this, they will need to connect the information to the essential attributes for a ground breaking scientist. As the lesson progresses, students will be invited to review and if warranted, revise their list of essential attributes. The lesson concludes with students using the Seven-Sentence Story Structure to create a storyboard that could be used for planning their compelling story. 

Access Google Slide Discovery Cards