Creating Great Stories

How Does a Story Work?

Stories are everywhere. They are in movies, books, music videos, articles, songs, cartoons, commercials, TV shows, miniseries, YouTube videos, plays, ballets, operas, paintingsā€¦ There are another hundred things that fit the description of Story. But they all share one thing: a good story grabs your attention and holds on to it while the story unfolds.

When you take the time to shape and construct your appreciation and understanding of people, places, and events of your country and its history, you are contributing something significant to our collective heritage. In creating your story, you become a meaningful part of that history. No one will tell your story the way you can. You can make a difference.

Take that responsibility to heart. Show us what you care about and help us understand what makes you care. Put your heart into what you create.

Doing so will change you, and it will help change our understanding of our world, too.

There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.

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