The Story of a National Crime

The Bryce@100 commemorative project deals with the 1922 pamphlet published by Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce titled The Story of a National Crime: An Appeal for Justice to the Indians of Canada. For this project, Defining Moments Canada is developing a variety of resources for learners to understand the context, impact, and legacy of this report.

In order to facilitate access to the pamphlet, we have created this page and associated resources. Here, you will find a reproduction of the text of the 1922 pamphlet and a downloadable PDF copy of the original.

For the first time, a French language translation of the report has been created to allow learners across the country to engage with the source material behind the Bryce@100 project in either official language.

Also for the first time, a reading of The Story of a National Crime has been recorded and made available to the public by Defining Moments Canada. The English language version of the report was read by M├ętis Journalist, Miles Morrisseau. Along with the profound symbolism of oral tradition, the creation of this recording is significant as it provides a whole new way to engage with the text.

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