Lesson Plan: Indigenous Peoples with Positive Impacts within Canada

By: Charlene Camillo

Charlene Camillo

Education Collaborator

Charlene Camillo is from the Moose Cree First Nation and of Italian heritage.  She is a teacher and coach in the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB).  

From 2016-2022, Charlene was the Learning Coordinator in TVDSB for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education.  In this role, she led professional learning for staff and helped to develop various opportunities for Indigenous students.  She also created lesson plans and resources for use in classrooms, and shared best practices in bringing Indigenous content into schools.  

Charlene taught multiple subjects from 2010-2016 at Saunders Secondary School in London, ON.  In 2022, she returned to Saunders and has been teaching History and Indigenous Studies while coaching Girls Basketball and Girls Hockey, and supporting the Indigenous Student Association.

Charlene has been fortunate to work with multiple First Nations as a teacher and a coach.  She continues to take feedback and learning from Indigenous students and families to provide opportunities for staff and students to enhance their knowledge of Indigenous experiences. 

Recommended Grade Level

11-12/Sec V

This lesson and activity can take 60-150 minutes depending on the number of students in your class

Prior Learning and Experiences
Learning Goals

Lesson Outline 

Lesson Materials

Bingo Slideshow

Note: A Google Slides version of the slideshow is available here with all speaker notes.

Bingo Lesson SlideshowDownload
Bingo Handout
Bingo Lesson HandoutDownload

Lesson Steps

  1. Welcome students and complete any opening routines you usually do as a class.

  2. Have the slideshow ready to go on your computer and projector.

  3. Using the Handout – Bingo and Review of Content and the Slideshow – Bingo and Group Activity, have the students complete page 1 (Bingo) first.  Students are to walk around the room and have their peers sign a bingo square that is applicable to them. The teacher can set the goals for the card such as one student signature per square or 2 or 3 if there is a small number of students in the class.  

  4. Collect the handouts and begin to review the responses as students submit their completed handouts.

  5. Share teacher selections for Indigenous Peoples with Positive Impacts within Canada. Teachers are welcome to make a copy of the slideshow and edit the teacher selections. Teachers can verbally share about their selections or include further information within the slideshow and/or videos with information about their selections.

  6. Group the students according to their #1 selection on Part 3 of the Handout.

  7. Explain the group activity as shared within the slideshow.

  8. Ensure the groups are fairly even in number of students and that each group has at least one student who will be comfortable to share their group work back with the class.

  9. Provide class time and devices for students to complete the group task.

  10. Check in with groups as they are researching and support each group as needed.

  11. Confirm if student groups will be sharing a slideshow and/or a video to use with their presentation.

  12. Students present their group work.