Series: Indigenous Resistance and Resilience

Created by Charlene Camillo, in collaboration with Kerry Day, Starr McGahey-Albert, and Paul Wiper

Calls to Action #62 and #63 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada include the need for more learning in schools about the histories and contributions of Indigenous Peoples.  The TRC and movements such as Orange Shirt Day have helped to raise awareness and understanding about experiences of Indigenous Peoples in residential schools and the impacts of the damaging experiences.  Students have expressed their gratitude for learning about the truth of residential schools, and often request further learning about Indigenous Peoples.  It is our hope that these lessons and resources will support staff in bringing more learning opportunities to students.  

These lessons were created for use in secondary schools.  The lessons focus on Indigenous experiences, leaders, resilience, and examples of resistance to colonialism including land protection and promotion of Indigenous rights and identities.  Each lesson has been created with our best efforts and knowledge we have been able to access while prioritizing input from Indigenous students and the use of resources created by Indigenous Peoples.

Instructions for educators: 

  1. Before leading any of the lessons, read the Cultural Safety and Terminology blogs as resources to help promote a positive learning environment and experience for staff and students. 
  2. Read the lesson plan instructions and complete any further research necessary prior to presenting any of the lessons.  Each lesson contains links to the resources used and can be accessed to learn more information. Modify the activities and handouts as needed for students while prioritizing a culturally safe learning environment.



Introductory Lessons

Indigenous Resistance and Resilience Lessons