Aanoodizewin, The Commercial Determinants of Indigenous Health Episode 5: Ultra Processed Foods

In this episode Amy and Daniel speak with Dr. Mélissa Mialon and Chef Doug Trudeau about the ultra processed food industry.

Aanoodizewin is a podcast by Professor Amy Shawanda and Daniel Eisenkraft Klein, academics who have studied the commercial determinants of health in the context of Indigenous communities. In this podcast, they receive expert guests from around the world to discuss how different industries affect and have affected the health of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and worldwide.

Aanoodizewin is availabe on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Iheartradio and Google Podcasts.

About the Guests

Mélissa Mialon

Podcast Guest

Dr Mélissa Mialon is a Research Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. Her research focuses on the commercial determinants of health (CDoH). She is the co-author of a Lancet series and a book on the topic, entitled « Big Food & Cie », in French. Dr Mialon co-coordinates the « Governance, Ethics and Conflicts of Interest in Public Health » (GECI-PH) network.

Doug Trudeau

Podcast Guest

Aanii/She’kon. My name is Douglas Trudeau,  I am Turtle Clan from the Ojibwe and Mohawk Nation. I grew up in Windsor, ON. I am a father, husband, and proud owner of my Indigenous Catering Company 4WINDS.

I started my culinary journey out west on Vancouver Island while playing lacrosse. Here is where I learned how to smoke fish from teammates’ parents and trade in my stick for knives full time.

I have made my way back home where I met my wife and who has reconnected me to where I come from and connect me to a better purpose and family I’ve never met. While learning about plants and Medicines I like to incorporate this into my dishes I create. To have food that not only tastes good, but makes you  feel good.

Food is Medicine and Medicine is food, so please join me as I use my imagination and teachings of our traditional ways with a modern twist.

Miigwetch/Nia’wen for walking with me on my journey and supporting local.

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