Aanoodizewin, The Commercial Determinants of Indigenous Health Episode 4: Alcohol

In this episode Amy and Daniel speak with Benjamin Hawkins and Darren McGregor about the alcohol industry.

Aanoodizewin is a podcast by Professor Amy Shawanda and Daniel Eisenkraft Klein, academics who have studied the commercial determinants of health in the context of Indigenous communities. In this podcast, they receive expert guests from around the world to discuss how different industries affect and have affected the health of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and worldwide.

Aanoodizewin is availabe on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Iheartradio and Google Podcasts.

About the Guests

Benjamin Hawkins

Podcast Guest

Benjamin Hawkins is Senior Research Associate at the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge, UK. His work focusses on the political economy and regulation of alcohol and tobacco at the national, regional and global levels, including the implications of international trade and investment agreements and European single market laws for national health policies. His work uses qualitative research methods including semi-structured interviews and documentary analysis and draws on a range framing and discourse theory.

Darren McGregor

Podcast Guest

Darren McGregor has been actively participating and educating people in Indigenous culture for the past 30 years. He is an Ojibway from the Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation and has gained knowledge passed on to him from elders and spiritual advisors who hold onto the ancient Indigenous Spiritual Wisdom. Darren is also a lead singer who sits with many drums and has been invited to sing at a numerous amount of Pow Wows and communities throughout Turtle Island. Darren takes great pride in being Indigenous and sharing information that helps people overcome situations through an Indigenous perspective. Darren has been working Indigenous organizations throughout Ontario for the past 30 years mainly in the field of homelessness and youth.

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