Labour History in Objects with the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre

The history of the 1872 Nine Hours Mouvement, and canadian labour history in general can be learned by studying the speeches, the ideas, and the events that affected the world. However, it also lives in objects that remain from that period that we may still use today. For the All For 9 and 9 For All project, Defining Moments Canada has partnered with the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre to showcase artefacts that can facilitate our understanding of the 1872 labour mouvement and beyond.


“The Boy’s Book of Trades” from 1865

This book would be used by apprentices to look at all the different options and see what type of trade they would want to enter into such as plasterer and whitewasher.


1872 Union Charter for the International Typographic Union

This is an incredibly interesting union charter, it is the original union charter for local 129 of the International Typographic Union, the Hamilton local.


Banners in the 1872 Nine Hour Movement and Beyond

Banners were important during the parade to signify and publicly declare the aspirations of the Nine Hour Movement and they remain a collective symbol of solidarity and identity for working class people and organized labor.


Commemorative Knights of Labor Coin from 1883

This is a commemorative coin from a Knights of Labor demonstration on August 13th, 1883. The Knights of Labor were a popular organization across different cities in Ontario and going as far as Montreal.