Workers Arts and Heritage Centre Video Series

For the All For 9 and 9 For All project, Defining Moments Canada has partnered with the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre to create a series of videos that present and offer different entry points into the story of the 1872 Nine Hour Movement, as well as the history of Canadian labour more generally. As a digital organization, Defining Moments Canada focuses on articles, lesson plans, videos, StoryMaps, and other resources to help teachers bring this content into their classroom. However, it is also important to consider other types of resources and entry points to teach labour history, such as art, places or things. This video series presents such entry points, showcasing these places and things but also acting as video resources of their own.

The Workers Arts and Heritage Centre was started over 25 years ago by an ambitious and dynamic group of labour historians, artists, and union and community activists who saw a need for a community museum in Hamilton, Ontario that could celebrate the history of workers and labour. As a community museum and arts centre, they offer a diverse array of exhibitions, workshops, educational programs, digital projects, and community events that explore perspectives in labour history, social justice, and contemporary labour issues. WAHC also has a permanent collection of artifacts that relate to labour history and workers’ experiences.