All for 9 and 9 for All: The Illustrated Series

Explore the story and the legacy of the Nine Hour Movement, as dynamically told by Dr. Matthew Barrett in this graphic illustrated series.


Part 1: The Movement Begins

In part 1, Dr. Barrett looks at the context for the beginning of the Nine Hour Movement and how it all started.


Part 2: Strikes & Struggles

In part 2, Dr. Barrett explores the history of the Toronto Printers’ Strike, a key arena of the Nine Hour Movement.


Part 3: Class, Citizens, and Capitalism

In part 3, Dr. Barrett dives into the social classes that comprised the Nine Hour Movement in Canada.


Part 4: Those Left Out of the Movement

In part 4, Dr. Barrett tells the story of all the working class members of Canadian society who were excluded from the Nine Hour Movement.


Part 5: Part Politics & the Trade Unions Act

Part 5 of Dr. Barrett’s series examines the Trade Unions Act and the legacy of the Nine Hour Movement.


Part 6: Drawing Graphic History

In the series finale, Dr. Barrett’s showcases the learning value of this kind of graphic history. The All for 9 illustrated series was inspired by a short piece about teaching to draw that Dr. Barrett came across in researching the Ontario Workman – 150 years on, the argument still holds!